Definition and Key Thoughts of Adult Children

When children turn eighteen, they become legal adults, and parents enter what we call the launching phase. The launching phase is then parents send their young ones into the world to be independent and self-reliant adults. During this stage, its important for parents to let go and trust God that their child is properly equipped to make good decisions based on the morals and values he/she learned growing up.

Jesus says, for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife (Matthew 19:5). He doesn’t say, Grown-up kids should stay with their parents and depend on them for their material and emotional needs.

Of course, when parents launch their children into adulthood, they aren’t ending the relationship; they are beginning a new phase. The adult-child will most likely still come to the parent for wisdom and advice as they embark on their life journey. Although for many parents this is a joyous time, a time when marital and life satisfaction skyrockets, parents who overprotect their children tend to find it frightening. They often hold on tightly to their children, fearing their kids will make poor choices or that they will be left behind as their kids enter adulthood. But clinging to adult-children will only foster resentment and rebellion.

Author and child-care expert Grace Ketterman says, releasing young people into today’s world is a panicky process. This process can be made more reassuring when parents remember that they are transferring them from the shelter of their parental wings to the perfect care of the heavenly Father.10

It is our task as parents to build up our children in the ways of the Lord. That includes infusing our kids with independence and a Christ like mind-set, giving them the ability to eventually have dominion over their own lives. It is a frightening and often heart-wrenching process, but it is the final call of good parenting.

Action Plan

Let go and Let God: Now that your child is an adult, you need to give him the same respect you would any other adult. You can still be involved in his life, but you’re no longer his disciplinarian and guardian; you’re more like his mentora trusted counselor or guide.

A Case Study: Ken and Mike: Below is an excerpt from loving your Child Too Much a book by Tim Clinton (me) and Gary Sibcy (Integrity Publishing, 2006). Gary and I talk a bit about adult-children in the book, and I think the following case study captures the essence of the topic well.

Ken, a single father, came to us looking for help with his rebellious nineteen-year-old son, Mike. Ken had heard that his son was getting drunk at local bars. Not only that, Ken told us, but Mike also moved in with his friends’ place with no rules, where his girlfriend can spend the night!

It’s probably very difficult to watch your son make those choices, we acknowledged. But Mikes an adult now, Ken. He has his own free will. It may be some time before he learns to use that freedom responsibly. Don’t give up, we hastened. The best approach is for you to remain faithful to Jesus. Instead of worrying, try to lift up your child to the Lord in prayer. This is where your faith becomes reality, as you trust God to work in Mike’s heart and life. While you do this, be available to Mike when he returns to you for guidance. Most likely, he will turn to you for help, though it may not be until his world begins to crumble.

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Cell Phone Directories – The Legal and Privacy Issues

If you have ever tried to find out a person’s cell phone number by conducting a forward search, or attempted to track down your friend through their wireless number via a free reverse lookup, you were probably unsuccessful. Why? It has nothing to do with you incorrectly using the service; the reason is a free mobile phone directory does not exist.

Why? It isn’t because no one has thought of the idea. In fact, many of the major mobile providers wanted to create a central opt-in directory that would be known as Wireless 411. The problem was there were too many legal and privacy issues involved, and it was eventually decided to dismiss the project indefinitely.

Some of the major issues are that unlike a landline telephone, which is often assigned to a home or business and is shared by all who live or work at the location, cellphones are personal phones that are typically used by the owner, and some owners are children and young adults. Another problem is a money issue. Those who subscribe to a basic wire line service pay a flat monthly fee and do not pay for any calls they receive, and are not charged when making local calls. Conversely, wireless users must cover the cost for virtually all calls and text messages they make and receive.

Therefore, if a mobile phone customer’s number was freely accessible through a directory, anyone who cared to look would be able to obtain it and call or text as they desire, costing the consumer money in some shape or form, regardless of their wireless plan. Hence, suddenly unwanted calls would become more than just annoying; they would come with a price.

As a result, conducting a forward search on a cellular number is illegal. This is why you won’t be able to find any information on a wireless subscriber using this method. That being said, the same is not true for a reverse cell phone lookup. Although you won’t be able to find out the identity of an owner, or their address details for free, you can pay to find out this info from a private directory.

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Programs and Actions for Young Adults

Youngsters need to stay active. When children are inactive, it results in boredom and often hassle follows. To help your child keep away from bother assist him or her stay active. Enroll your little one in an area program that provides your youngster activities.

Find out how to discover packages in your area:
Look in your phone directory. Most often, your cellphone listing may have listings of packages in your space for young adults. For those who cannot find listings here, verify together with your native schools. Faculties often have connections to numerous companies round city, including the police department.

In many areas, the police department is opening up programs for young adults to help battle juvenile crime. Schools and authorities typically workforce up to open new applications that provide youngsters activities. In some areas, children are able to join boxing, swimming, or different activities in packages round town. The fees are used to proceed the actions for younger adult. Usually the fees are affordable, so that every one mother and father whether or not in poverty or not can enroll their young adult.

Faculties open programs for younger adults, together with sports. Usually colleges allow kids to enroll in baseball, basketball and football. Volleyball and other sports are available as properly, together with track.

Sports are an awesome exercise, since it teaches your baby to continue utilizing his or her muscle tissues and joints. When your youngster stays active, doubtless she or he will reside a long productive and wholesome life.

Sports have downsides nevertheless, since it teaches your child competitors, which sometimes goes too far. If the child doesn’t win, it could actually affect his or her confidence and self-esteem. Train your baby now that profitable isn’t reaching the goal line every time; moderately winning is placing forth your best efforts to perform goals.

Some packages in lots of cities offer your young adult the ability to participate in a wide selection of activities. In actual fact, many programs are opening up at this time permitting your little one to affix in skateboarding. Skateboarding is enjoyable for young adults, but mother and father and instructors are responsible to show safety first.

In lots of areas, curler rinks are open, permitting young adults to hitch in activities. Roller-skating is a fun sport that teaches your baby to make use of his or her muscle mass and joints as well. Staying healthy now will slow ageing development, which your little one will dwell lengthy and healthy.

For those who cannot find listings in phone directories or faculties and the authorities are unable to steer you in the precise direction go online. Online you’ll discover directories that assist you to discover packages for young adults in your area. Use the forms; kind in your zip code and you will come to hyperlinks that information you to packages for young adults.

Smaller towns make it inconvenient for younger adults, since programs that offer activities are limited. Still, many smaller towns are discovering ways to maintain kids off the streets by opening new programs that provide them activities.

In case your town does not have programs for younger adults discover methods to open new doors. Perhaps you have an ideal that you can current to the city clerk, or schools. Inform them about your ideals and maybe they’ll come up with methods to fund your revolutionary scheme to offer packages for younger adults. Community participation is important, since it helps rulers to acquire new concepts that lead the town to success.

If you current your best and it does not fly, take trip of your schedule to open your own younger adult program. At dwelling, you can open karaoke applications, which teaches your youngster the benefits of music and dance. Open a dance class in your home. If you have, a small space adheres to limits so that you do not overwhelm your activities for younger adults. Family outings are an incredible reward for younger adults, because it promotes activities and togetherness.

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